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Subject: OKTSAD: Going Postal (100 words)
Date: 9 Dec 1997 03:27:36 -0600
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"Postal worker slays five, self." Heh. Lot of people asking "what *is*
it with these guys?" Well, it's me. All  those gunshot wounds and they
usually skip the autopsy. I didn't start out with postal workers. I
originally wanted to nail a few Congressmen, maybe Andy Rooney. But my
missives weren't making it through the mails. After four or five
misfires, hell, why not run with it? I started primitive: just a
little DMSO and ketamine. Fun (ever notice one drooling a bit much
even for a civil servant?), but not reliably lethal. Refinements are
tedious, but it beats gardening.

b r e t t
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