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Subject: OKTSAD: The Real World (200 words)
Date: 9 Dec 1997 03:32:13 -0600
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I crept up to the back door of the building - most of the employees went
in that way, and security was less likely to scrutinize your badge. My
throat was dry and I could feel the sweat starting in my armpits, but I
saw my reflection in the glass door and knew that I looked outwardly
calm. Someone came out. I walked a bit faster and snaked my hand into
the doorway before it could catch. I took the first hallway on the left
and looked for Tech Support. It was the fourth door down; a large, noisy
room with low cubicles and poor lighting. Perfect. I headed for an empty
cube. I chose one close to the exit and went to work. Routine stuff - a
few basic Windows questions, and one guy trying to configure a modem. I
was just about to break for lunch when the alarms went off. I tried to
run, but two burly guards blocked my path. As I was cuffed and led out
the door, the senior rent-a-cop explained: "Grad students. We get two or
three in here a month. They try to sneak in and pass themselves off as
real people."

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