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Subject: FTSD: sort of a Prisoner's Dilemma thing
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 01:45:24 +1100
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it was difficult to work out exactly what had happened from the recorder
because there was no sound track, just views from four cheap security
cameras. after examination of the shuttle combined with the telemetry the
following is assumed to have occurred:

at day 4 22:16:10 a micrometeor penetrates the hull, scratches across the
top of one oxygen cylinder and makes a hole in a second. They both start
leaking. within twenty minutes they lose enough oxygen to constitute a
hazard to the mission.

at day 4 22:40:24 Engineer Robertson performs an EVA to determine the extent
of the damage. at this point Pilot Longworth terminates telemetry, moves to
the hatch and locks it, stranding Robertson outside.

at day 4 22:58:50 Engineer Robertson appears at the front of the shuttle,
floating in front of the cockpit window. he gestures to Longworth, who
ignores him. Engineer Robertson produces Longworth's helmet - which had been
attached to the back of his EVA gear - and then proceeds to glue his own
faceplate to the front window. Longworth attempts to roll the shuttle in
order to throw Robertson away, but the glue has set by the time the roll is
actioned. realising that re-entry would be problematic at best with the
engineer glued to the front of the shuttle, Longworth retreats to the rear
of the shuttle.

day 4 23:55:12. some signs of distress as Robertson's oxygen supply starts
to fail. Longworth returns from the back of the shuttle and smears mustard
over the inside of the window, presumably to obscure the sight of
Robertson's distress.

day 5 10:32:30 Longworth is seen tapping the inside of the cockpit window in
the hopes that the glue has turned brittle and that he can knock Robertson's
body free. this proves not to be the case.

day 6: 21:20:04 Longworth's oxygen supply fails.

who expects to see a lot of this sort of thing