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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 01:45:58 +1100
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cold night with no stars overheard but clouds like snowfield under the sky.
good night for a hunt. petrol and stick one and stick two case the field
ears alert for the sign which comes soon enough. as one all three turn
towards the sound. stick one's free hand flickers with sign. he has
identified the prey. its call keens out in the night, sounds bouncing off
concrete walls and down tunnels to mix with the wind. they spread out around
a line between them and the prey.

petrol takes up rear of the formation. stick one and stick two lead the
attack. jeep of some kind. stick one and stick two beat its front until they
break its face open and then petrol adds the mystery ingredient and it burns
and the alarm stops. they take no souvenir. broken glass crunches underfoot.

hoka hai