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Subject: FTSD: Video game idea
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 22:33:59 +1100
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"Anything Versus Anything"

this game requires a permanent link to the net, for research purposes.
either that or an incredibly comprehensive database of every fictional (or
non-fictional) character that has ever been.

premise: you tell the game which characters you want to fight; it goes off
and searches for details such as appearance, personality, commonly-used
weapons and lines of dialogue. it then devises 3D models of the two
characters and pits one against the other. imagine the possibilities!

Jesus vs Superman (everyone would do this first, just to satisfy curiousity)
The Second Dr Who (Patrick Troughton) vs the Fourth Dr Who (Tom Baker)
Chevyn McAuley vs a fully-operational Death Star
The IRA vs the Shining Path
God vs little fishes
"Weeed!" from "Bill and Ben" vs a Triffid
Stephen Patrick Morrisey vs Henry Rollins

etc, u.s.w., i.t.d.

someone get Jeff Vogel to implement this.