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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 09:20:17 -0500 (EST)
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Ev'ryone should tell the troof,
Ant'ny o'er the schoolhouse roof.
  Sometimes lyze are good to tell,
  Ant'ny o'er the wishing well.
One should never tell a lye,
Ant'ny o'er the courthouse high.
  Lyze're cool when troof's a drag,
  Ant'ny o'er the whitehouse flag.
Troof'll set the spirit free,
Ant'ny o'er the banyan tree.
  Lyze'll oil social smiles,
  Ant'ny o'er the temple tiles.
Lyze're evil things to make,
Ant'ny o'er the firy lake.
  Troof to tell is hateful hard,
  Ant'ny o'er the prison yard.
Troof the mind illuminates,
Ant'ny o'er the book'ry slates.
  Lyze're best to stay in power,
  Ant'ny o'er the castle tower.
Lyze'll send a mind to hell,
Ant'ny o'er a padded cell.
  Troof'll do a world of harm,
  Ant'ny o'er the funny farm.
Troof is beauty, beauty troof,
Ant'ny o'er the belfry roof.
  -- Pretty lyze to contemplate,
  Ant'ny o'er the graveyard gate.


_Antony Over_, a game of ball played by two parties of boys, on opposite
sides of a schoolhouse, over which the ball is thrown.
       -- Schele de Vere, _Americanisms_