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Subject: FTSD: the dominant species
Date: 1 Dec 1998 17:23:00 GMT
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I didn't have time to consult my star charts this morning, so I
apologize for non-factual information.


At last the human race achieved the capability of travel beyond the
solar system. They headed for the most promising nearby star system,
Alpha Centauri. What they found there astounded the astronauts and the
people of the Solar System as they beamed back pictures. For there, 22
light years from Earth, was an almost identical replica of the solar
system. The one change that was noticed on the way into the system was
a tenth planet.

Apparently the solar system is the dominant species in the
galaxy. Sometimes they cluster together in great bunches like a herd.
At Alpha Centauri, the system is younger and so the people were less
developed on the third planet. We asked one of them, "How does it feel
to be part of an animal's insides?"

People serve as antibodies, preventing alien monsters from invading
the solar system and draining its life resources. The very young and
the very old are the most susceptible to invasion, or "disease". In
young solar systems, the people on the third planet have not developed
enough to wage a space war. In old solar systems, the people have
become unitarian and one with the infinite, wherein physical life
matters not.

Features such as the tenth planet and occasional life on the fourth
planet are common variations in the species, as a cat might have one
too many toes.

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