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How many times has this happened to you?  You're on 7th
Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn and you want to go up the
slope, maybe to the park, but you just can't face walking
uphill two avenues.  Well, I have discovered a shortcut
that'll cut your walk in half.

1. Go to the subway stop at 7th Av. and 9th St.  Enter the
first car of a Manhattan-bound train.

2. Ride to Broadway-Lafayette (watch for the Statue of
Liberty out the left side as you pass from Smith-9th to

3. Transfer *the first car* of an uptown D or B, across the platform.  

4. Ride to 7th Av/53rd St.

5. Transfer to *the first car* of a downtown E, upstairs.
This is where the magic takes place: without having to walk
the length of a train, you have moved from the uptown to
the downtown end of the train. 

6. Ride to West 4th St.

7. Transfer to *the first car* of a downtown F, downstairs.  

8. Ride to 7th Av/9th St, Brooklyn (watch for the cement
plant on the left as you pass from Carroll to Smith/9th).

9. If you followed the directions carefully, you are now at
the 8th Av end of the 7th Av/9th St station.

Congratulations!  Only one more block to Prospect Park!
Celebrate with a milkshake at Dizzy's, if they're still open.

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planet, like Jupiter."  - Peter Schikele