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Subject: FTSD: I'm a procrastinator.
Date: 01 Dec 1998 19:32:40 -0500
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I'm a procrastinator.  No matter how simple the chore I have to do, it
can take me days, or weeks, to get around to performing it.

It bugs me terribly that I procrastinate so.  I'm a very rational guy,
and one would think that it wouldn't be difficult for me to say to
myself, "Rationally, your life will be much better if you pay your
bills now, instead of waiting a few weeks," and force myself to do it
immediately.  But it doesn't work.

For years, I've been trying to find a way to cure myself of my
procastination.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I discovered such a
method, and I'd like to share it with you.

Dan's method for avoiding procrastination: Make a list of all the
little things you have to do.  Column 1: The task.  Column 2: What day
you first thought of doing it.  Column 3: What day you finally did it.
Update faithfully.

Using my technique, you become so embarrassed by the empty entries in
column 3, or by their late dates when they finally are entered, that
you start doing those tasks earlier just to avoid that embarrassment.
Simple and effective!

At least that's the idea.  I haven't gotten around to trying it out

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