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Subject: 'toad talk 3 (new)
Date: 1 Dec 1998 20:35:11 -0500
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"So, you hear about this new stem cell treatment?"

"Yeah. [*snuffle*] I want to grow another head."

"Then you would have two congested heads instead of one."

"I agree, that would be a problem. The odds of one head infecting the
other would be quite high. Unless one head had a sufficiently different
biology and breathed methane."

"Hmm, methane. But who wants to live life walking behind a cow?"

"Well, if we're going to grow heads that breathe methane, I bet we could
also engineer cows with monitors coming out of their butts. That way, I
could at least watch TV. Or even read netnews. Although, I think I'd have
even less respect for posters coming from a cow's ass than I do for webtv