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Subject: Spin Doctor
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Date: 1 Dec 1998 22:11:32 -0800
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"Tim, Johnny's gone!"

"Now, Johnny's probably still there...  he's probably just messed with
his spin again."

"This is the third time this week!  Our son is a neutron!  He's not
meant to be a photon or graviton or any other of those deviant bosons!"

"Emma, calm down...  you're right, he's taking this too far.  We'll
take him to the doctor first thing in the morning."


"Well, i'm glad you brought him.  The shot i gave him has restored his
normal spin.  But i'm afraid i have bad news..."

"What is it, doctor?"

"He's gotten mixed in with the wrong crowd...  one of his down quarks
was replaced by an up quark.  I'm sorry, but your son will become a
proton by morning."

Emma was near hysterics.  "My son will have an electrical charge??
Doctor, you must do something!!"

"You must understand...  there's nothing that can be done.  Not with
our limited facilities here...  but..."

Tim perked up.  "Yes, doctor?  But?"

"If you make a petition to the Cloud Chamber, perhaps they can have
him taken to the Accelerator Tube.  It is extremely risky, but there
is a small chance he can be restored to his neutron state..."

"Yes!  Let's do it, Tim!  Thank you, doctor!"  Emma ran out with Tim.
The doctor stared balefully after them...  could he tell them the
stories of decay and dissipation that were the usual result of the
energies of the Tube?  No!  He could not deny them their hope.  He
looked at his charge, and patted him.  "Keep faith, son.  The Great
Electron will protect you."

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