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Subject: Currifelt
Date: 2 Dec 1998 08:21:33 GMT
Organization: wareware
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Currifelt Noctus left her home in the Indies in a huff.
A puff of hurrycane dealt her a serious blow, all the
way to Northern Florida.  This was before white man's
infection, so she set up shop as spellchecker, running
fingers into medicine bags and adding up the needs in
their eyes.  She puffed away from everywhere.

Curri lived in the day by night, where sight was a 
little faster than light and the air kept her nose
informed within reason.  Some say she was part leopard,
hunting up across the moss forest floor, making one
or two missing people sometimes.  No one ever could
look into her eyes for long, not without falling.
Nobody ever felt missing.  The day was just gone
for a while.

Once upon a hill town, she lifted the last gasp of
an old man up over his head and put it around her.
This was to be her silent service, a protection
of her skinsides.  As long as she was alive the bag
writhed, and she was faster onto the plains and
mountains under the air.  She leapt more water
than you'll drink.

A night when the moon is gone, you'll hear a
little thought and wake up.  Were you dreamt
or was it just your clock ticking?  Put your
hand on your chest to know.  Find out if you
have a little bag of spell, maybe from Curri.
Wish the wind would put you.

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