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the fact that warehouse's news server was up the spout again didn't
bother me. i had other ways of sighting my targets. but when i finally
found one that worked, some kind of internal warning system stopped me
from reaching out with those adorable, cute little microwave
pulse-weapons of love.

i'd reach for the keyboard and then an agonising pain would shoot
through my head, coming from the left side. straight through the
eardrum. i managed to rig a torch, a webcam and a magnifying glass so i
could look into my own ear, and it looked normal. i pressed the space
bar. zap. i went and smoked some damiana, came back. alt-f-N-M. zap.
christ, that hurts.

i've managed to type this much over a period of four hours, but the
entire left side of my head has now gone numb. my breathing rings in my
ears oddly and - ow. shit.

i'm going to go find that littlest phillips-head screwdriver and blow
some dust out from between the circuit boards.

cats are on the upgrade / upgrade?

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