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Subject: Neurotic Ramble: Part One
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 20:58:15 -0500 (EST)
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Destruction in the fingertips of every hand. Yet, the potential so
rarely turns kinetic. It's true. Humans are not as violent as we seem
when you consider the amount of destruction each person keeps in check
compared to what they don't.

I could murder every single person on my block, if I wanted to. You
could do the same, and we could both do worse. If we wanted, really had
the drive, you and I could annihilate an entire state in the USA. And if
we had the right combination of determination, insanity, intelligence,
indifference, paranoia, indignation, charm, and self-importance -- we
could destroy an entire nation.

Yes, it would be so easy to cause mass destruction; destruction much
worse than any of the recent mass murders. 

If one subtracted conceit from the equation of destruction, one could do
so much more harm than those who need their names attached to their
crimes. At least on the local or state level. Conceit is necessary for
national destruction.
Imagine what you could get away with if you never informed anyone of
your intention to destroy. In the middle of the night, on a dark
residential street, you could wire up every house with explosives
without the people inside ever knowing. You would need to make sure you
have a silencer equipped gun to kill barking dogs and the random
passerby. Also, you would need to wire up your own house. 

I've walked around my block on many occasions at night. I even went into
people's yards and onto their porches. I saw how easy it would be for
someone who wanted to kill the people in the houses to do so.

If you lived on my block, and blew up all the houses including your own,
then you would need to find a vehicle to transport you to your next site
of destruction. The vehicle would have to be one that couldn't be traced
back to you too quickly. Before long you would have to ditch it for
another one. Making sure you don't get caught in the process is a must.

Under the cover of night you could drive to dark blocks in neighborhoods
considerably spaced apart, and blow them up. For optimum efficiency, you
should blow up one block a night and be quick in your wiring.

Blowing up a block at a time would eventually cause your capture or
death. You could possibly prolong your capture by blowing up one house
at a time at unrelated locations. Also, it would probably be best to
blow up a house on the night you choose it. Stalking houses could give
away clues about yourself too soon. The point is to blow up as many
houses as possible with people in them before you get caught.

Of course, you won't be blowing up any houses any time soon. I won't
either, and posting this could have hindered my plans if I wanted to
anyway. So, let me move on to self-destruction.
That is a form of destruction many of us adore in its kinetic state. 

(By the way, if my use of kinetic and potential energy for the purpose
of analogy is not up to par, too damn bad. I'm operating with a limited
education here. Guess why?)

Active, not potential, self-destruction -- is it a trait we all share,
or something only found in certain people? For those that have it, were
they born with it, did they develop it, or was it planted within them?

Is my own tendency towards self-destruction merely a design of nature to
purge my genes from humanity? Are my genes socially cancerous? If my
family is any indication, yes.
Psychological reasons beyond genetics I'm sure play a role as well. 

Does God play a role? I'm undetermined for now, and probably always will
be. I can't even define god beyond this: a force, possibly with
awareness and volition, that unifies all things. If it weren't for the
consciousness part, I could be talking about gravity or some other known
force of nature.

(More about God and self-destruction in Part Two. Yes, the wiring up of
an entire block of houses in one night with explosives is most likely
impossible. So?)

Staci Michelle Young, "Beelzibub personally told me I DO NOT BELONG!!!
Damn him for dashing my dreams of burning in hell."
p.s. this is true or false, use a #2 pencil