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Subject: FTSD - Millennium Samhain
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 01:16:11 +0000
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Millennium Samhain

The Year Two Thousand,
Wye Two Kay;
though it's counted from the birth
of a god not ours,
still the number has become
freighted with meaning,
the ending and beginning
of a secular cycle.
We fear not the wrath
of a vengeful god,
but still there is cause for concern:
will our machines fail?
will disorder reign?
The millennium dies, like every year dies,
only with a thousand times the harvest.
So cut down the stalks,
set fire to the stubble,
and plow the ashes under;
let the field lie fallow
while the numbers change;
then it will nourish a new crop,
of things we have never seen before.