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Subject: The Definative Packy Run [FTSD]
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 02:43:55 -0500
Organization: Irish Mafia
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... 'scuse me, pardon me, look out, fuck you, get outta
my way i gotta get dave his beer, back off, cummin' through,
//ulian wants his whiskey, irish whiskey, 'scuse pls, don't 
mean to push, gypsy wants some wine coolers, i know, i know,
it's a womans drink but she threatened to kick me in the nuts,
whatcha gonna do?, pardon me. 'scuse me, hey! you're kinda
cute, how 'bout a blow job? ,you be here when i get back?
i gotta run ta da packy, sees, um, larry wants me ta get him
sum, and dis is da 'cut da grass', scented candles! i knows
whatcha tinkin', it's a packy and da guy wants scented
candles, well, we don't ask no question, sees, da guy ain't
no panty waist, sees, he's got a steel plate in his head
sos we humor im, ok?, listen up, be hear when i gets back
ok?, i'll shows ya sometin big, real big, gotta run, 'scuse
me, fuckin' move!!!! get outta my way, can't ya see i'm 
makin' a packy run on the information superhighway!!?


you know when you put a stick in the water and it looks
like it's bent but it's not? ...

that's why i don't take baths.          -- Steven Wright