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me: 'you know they have 'hosts-to-go' now?

thom: get outta here.

me: no, seriously. you see those people going up after mass
to get those little cardboard boxes?

thom: yeah, so

me: those are 'hosts' they're takin' them home to a shuttin

thom: what do you want me to do about it

me: nothin' nothin' the preist thinks and you think that's
what there for BUTT *i* know different ...

thom" o this will be good

me: they take hese 'hosts' and, say, they're crossing the street, ok, 

you wid me?  and a truck cums speeding around the corner,

they just hold up the 'host' and the truck stops!!!
thom: get outta here

me: no, serious, try it

{so the next week we find thom talking to the priest
Father, i have this aunt ... yadda, yadda, yadda}

Next thing you  know thom an i are leaving the church

me:  ok, let's try it

me: here cums a car, go!!!

thom walks into the street , 'host' in hand.

me; looks so good on paper too.


you know when you put a stick in the water and it looks
like it's bent but it's not? ...

that's why i don't take baths.          -- Steven Wright