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Subject: the new german girlfriend
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 04:49:36 +1100
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she's actually only one year younger than me. she was born in wolfsburg,
germany, but lived most of her life in melbourne. she was living with a
bunch of hippies in carlton when i met her. she followed me home and has
been living outside my bedroom window for about a year now. she doesn't say
much, but she has german expressions stamped onto her frame here and there,
stuff about changing the oil and so forth, i guess. she dresses in black,
but if you look closely you can see an aqua undercoat.

i'd say she's quite attractive. nicely rounded. although she considers
herself to be a bit of a frump. she smells a little of dope smoke. bits of
trim keep falling off her. a few months ago she contracted
something-or-other, had a lot of trouble getting going in the morning. so i
had her starter motor replaced. she's fine now.

(angrily) "why don't they just put Marmaduke to sleep?"
 - Jake Morgendorffer