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Subject: The Hero of the Story Awakens
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 21:12:43 GMT
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    It was a very warm day, for October.

    Our Hero was clinging for dear life to a ladder, suspended over a
twelve-foot-deep sea of Fabric Softener. He barked orders like crazy to
the head janitor, who was clinging to another ladder and responding
with choice hand-gestures. Our Hero could tell it was going to be one
of those days.

    His grip on the ladder had been slipping for some time, as the
ladder itself had been rendered quite slippery from the pink mist which
had been hanging in the air over the pool of fabric softener. A muscle
spasm rocked Our Hero's forearm, forcing him to release his grip and
land in his former cow-orker's kitchen.

    A young boy (himself the son of the former cow-orker) stepped up to
the table where The Hero of The Story found himself seated, and offered
him two of the six toaster pastries from the cookie sheet he was
holding. Our Hero thanked him and took the pastries.

    The boy took a bite of the pastry he had kept for himself and
promptly dropped it on the floor. He picked it up, looked at it in
disgust, sprayed it down with bug killer and continued eating,

    When The Hero of The Story finally awoke, he found himself on a
suspended floor. His releif quickly diminished when he realized that
the entire room was silent. He opened his eyes, and saw a large, dark
blur. Without his eyesight, he decided to try some other experiments.
He dopped his head back down on the floor again, noting that the
carpeting was correct, and that the tile was correctly resonant, but
the echo was wrong. In a fit of panic, he felt for the edge of the tile
and jammed his fingernails into the seam. Gritting his teeth and
ignoring the pleas from the nerve-endings in his fingertips, he lifted
the tile and thrust his hand under the floor, nearly busting a knuckle
on the concrete only six inches under the floor. He screamed in alarm,
and then relaxed. His vision was clearing up, and he recognized the
long-abandoned room around him. His head was clearing, and he

    ...he didn't work in that place anymore.


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