From: (Elspeth)
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Subject: Fugue
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 17:29:10 -0500 (EST)
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I was weaving with the faeries
  in my fugue-composing tree
as we stroll'd the wide Missouri
  where the shadows love to be
when the music turn'd to liquid,
  and it bore away my mind
to the refuge of the death squid
  and their eyes so wide and kind.

O so gently did the tentacles
  about my body press,
and the suction cups of pentacles
  enwrapp'd around my breast
plucking out my heart still beating
  in the fading light of day;
I exhal'd my life (how fleeting)
  and then softly pass'd away.

O a river, yes a river,
  down a rolling riverbed,
underneath a rolling river
  to the dwelling of the dead
and my lover, O my lover,
  O enfold me once again
'neath the grass' eternal cover
  and thy body for a bed . .


I awoke among the faeries
  in my fugue-concluding tree
by the mile-wide Missouri
  flowing slowly to the sea,
and I wept at my awaking
  as my dream was blown away
from my broken heart rebreaking
  by the sleep that doesn't stay.