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Which toothe? I always dig finals because raw ass adrenaline packs a
killer buzz. I prepared a deadly final for y'all, one that will
give you a benevolent face. Well, by the time you graduate, your home
town will be like
Mars, you'll be ready to get the hell out of Connecticut, you'll be
terrified of the change and of losing your friends (most of
whom will explode to tremendous porpoises and become philandering drunks
anyway), and then you'll go and have a
wonderful successful life, stay skinny and keep your hair while everyone
else goes gray then bald, have successful kids while
around you peoples'kids are smokin the contents of the vacuum cleaner
and shooting holes in teh carport, an orgulous disposition behind
where's my dossier, I'm getting behind on my studies, gotta go bong
asense of appreciation for the times when I showed a good-natured  Of
course, this kind of test builds character and patriotism, and is the
baptizm of far for future leaders of the Great American Business and
Political world, building strength and guts and endurance and an
enthusiastic gung-ho attitude towards the high and lofty moral values of
hard work, sacrifice, self-abasement and flagellation.  All that damn
nihilistic diatribe that I so
laboriously enterd into the keyboard, and this is all you have to say??
Huit petits whores, sans l'espoir du ciel, Gladstone
peuvent sauvegarder un, alors there'll soient sept. et Il me donner cinq
des whores, Johnee m'a donnerai another couple sluts.I saw an old high
school buddy and it freaked me out.
Combien des jolis femmes qui remainderant?  And I went to SO many
parties, and came home and wrote and studied afterwards until sunup,
because graduate students have to be academic
packhorses, and toiling up hill at 2 cents an hour really blows my skirt
up. Brenda, who has been moving house all week, is "too
tard" to come in today. Live like revolutionaries, comrades. Instead,
she will be cleaning behind the toilet and under the face-bowl at her
old place, and "restin' up"
(probably arkansas slang for drinking moonshine) at her new place.


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