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Subject: ftsd. my japanese pop song
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 04:13:01 +1100
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apologies for lack of standard musical notation. i learned that stuff about
thirty years ago and haven't used it since,

sono tako kudasai (that octopus please)

fast boppy kind of 10/4 (?),  a little bit slower than "Mr Pink Eyes" by the
Cure. maybe with a touch of Nina Hagen punk to it. a G with two dots after
it means a G chord with two accented strummy things after it.  the bars in
the verse on G don't have any vocals. maybe we can throw in some odd drum
sounds in there. don't sing the english lyrics, unless you're going to camp
it up completely and shout them, just-off-mic, in fake japanese accents and
with steretypical mispronounciations. if you want, you can even make up your
own things to shout at that point. quote Mr Teapot, if it will fit in the
space. or just borrow some phrases from the English section of the Lonely
Planet Japanese Phrasebook, as long as they don't mean anything. no context

C          A#
mite, mi-te! (look, look!)

D#          F      G..
kore o ki-ite! (listen to this!)

C       A#
kore, wa

      D#      F    G..
ma-zui de-su! (this is horrible!)

C             A#

      D#     F       G
de-su, desu! (this is crap!)

(quick, brief sort of introductory slidy thing up from A# to C, then F, D#
repeated twice in, 4/4.)
(the brief A# would pretty much be the very last bit in the bar before the
chorusy thing.)
(maybe two double-strummed whatever-they-are, semiquavers of the C in the
fourth beat,)
(if you know what i mean,or even the first of the two F-beats that follow
it. you might not)
(want to bother sliding up from A# to C for each iteration of the C-F-D#
pattern. whatever.)

C,2,3,4,    F-2   D#-2,
kara no-o tepu   ga

C,2,3,4,      F-2   D#-2,
hoshii no-o desu    ga (i need a blank tape)

(repeat this once, then straight into the second verse without giving the
(time to breathe properly. or perhaps to give the singer breathing space,)
(insert a brief, four-beat drum intro thing before launching into the second

C            A#       D#        F   G..
jumbi ga dekima-shita ka-a? (are you ready?)

C           A#        D#    F  G..
jumbi ga dekima-shita-a! (i'm ready!)

C    A#          D#    F   G..
iryo hoken ga arimasu, (I have medical insurance,)

C       A#     D#           F  G..
ikima-sho!   gamba-tte-e! (let's go! good luck!)

(second chorus, equally irrelevant and context-free. instead of repeating)
(the same phrase, the singer does four different phrases:)

C,2,3,4,    F-2    D#-2,
yobo-o     chu-u-sha

C,2,3,4,  F-2  D#-2,
o shi-ma-shita-a  (i have been vaccinated)

C,2,  3,4,    F-2   D#-2,
hinin shitai no-de-su-ga (I'd like to use contraception)

C,2,  3,4  F-2  - D#-2,
do-o it-a-shi-ma-shi-te (Here's my business card)

(repeat the loop phrase without vocals twice:)

C,2,3,4,  F-2  D#-2,
C,2,3,4,  F-2  D#-2,


C,2,3,4, F-D#-C

(the last F, D# and C are sharply cut off, with just enough of a pause
between them)
(to make it sound just-a-little-bit-out pace with the previous two

hopeless posession the
splendour of nightmare
sacred infection
wholly indelible as
pure as my cruelty
- shriekback, 'hubris'