From: (sir rick the cockroach)
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Subject: FTSD : Black conveyer belt.
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 04:28:55 GMT
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There is a sign that says welcome in red neon and it's over an
entryway where a conveyer belt passes through, it winds through rock
formations and down to valleys and around bushes and plants and there
are diners along that way that say "Ma's Eats" but the belt doesn't
stop and it goes right by.  There's not time for eating, or resting,
or taking a break, and there is no sitting down, though you don't have
to stand up, but everyone else is, and it's just a common courtesy to
do so, out of respect for the people who aren't allowed to sit down
and you begin to wonder if you're one of the people who aren't allowed
to sit, and that maybe no one is allowed to sit but before you can
finish the thought and come to a conclusion, the belt curves to the
right, and your body jerks, and goes with the belt, while your idea
keeps going straight.  But there is still no sitting down, and maybe
you're not allowed to sit down, but there's not time for that, there's
a checkpoint up ahead and it's time to get out your papers and your
ID, so when you get to the guards, you can show them you're allowed to
be here, on the conveyer belt, along with everyone else, to busy to
sit, or just not allowed, but there's no time for that because you're
at the guards, and you show your papers and ID, but there's a problem
with one of the papers, the wrong date was printed, so you're taken
from the belt, and placed on another one, given new documents to prove
and to show your old papers were wrong and need to be changed, and so
that the guards that are coming up will know, and won't take you off
and ask you questions, and now you show your papers, and hope that
they're right, and good thing they are, because now there's no delays
going to the office where a trained secratary will go over your
misprinted papers, papers in error, and ask what is wrong, but do you
remember, oh of course, the date was wrong, because it's not December
1st, it's November 30th, and now that it's changed, you can go back on
the belt, and as you leave, you noticed a sign, a sign that says
Thanks for coming! in red neon on the doorway right about the start of
the black conveyer belt.

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