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Trepidation is the tripping of her heart over her shoe strings. 
She is a tasty, frosty beverage on a jet-lagged afternoon. 
Reason enough to love her? I think so. But then, I'm ever swayed 
by her nether beard, and the outline of her, pressing through 
polyester knit.

Her eyes cannot both focus on the same thing at the same time. 
I'm forever shifting my gaze: first one iris, then the other. 
From which does her soul pour forth? If I knew, I'd seal that 
eyelid with a warm, dry kiss.

A second, keening voice speaks volumes more than the one she thinks
she projects. I can hear it through walls. In dreams, she has mistaken 
the wedding ceremony for yet more preliminary vows. I am impatient for 
a final commitment, but she is intent on ordering the cake, and flowers, 
and a reception hall, and a band.

Oh, but I love her still.

(I still have until midnight to come up with something new)