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Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 03:18:09 GMT
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"Edibles Incorporated, how may I help you?

"I wanted to ask about your edible exercise equipment."

"Yes sir! What sort of equipment did you have in mind? Perhaps you'd be
interested in our edible free weights, or our multipurpose edible weight
station? Folds right up and slides under your bed when you're not using it."

"No, you know, I just don't get all that hungry when I pump iron. Or
pump ? what, beef jerky? Ha ha."

"Turkey jerky, sir. It's healthier than beef!"

"Oh, right. Of course. So is all of your exercise equipment made out of
turkey jerky?"

"Yes sir! Indeed it is, sir! We have the turkey jerky thigh-master, the
turkey jerky rowing machine, the turkey jerky stair-master, the turkey
jerky treadmill - shall I keep going?"

"Well, I do have one question."

"Yes sir?"

"How does - eating the equipment affect its structural integrity? I
mean, I can see taking a bite out of a turkey jerky dumbbell: it would
just weigh less, right? But what if I took a bite out of a turkey jerky
thigh-master. What if I was really hungry, and took two or three. The
next time I did thirty reps it might snap in two!"

"Oh, no, sir. Absolutely not! Our engineers have developed a special
Neanderfemur? foam-cell megacompression system that makes our turkey
jerky equipment flavorful and easy to chew but feather-light and
rock-solid right down to the last bite. You won't be disappointed, I can
assure you! And it's guaranteed!"

"Really? You guarantee that your equipment will retain structural
integrity down to the last bite?"

"100% guaranteed, sir. Plus, with a minimum purchase of $100, we'll
throw in absolutely free a ten-pack of Jerk-on-a-Rope."


"Yes sir. You'll never have to bend down for a snack in the shower
again! This month we're featuring celebrity-head Jerk-on-a-Ropes. In a
ten-pack you'll get one Mother Teresa, one Marilyn Manson, one Clint
Eastwood, one Madeline Albright, one Ronald Reagan, one Larry King, one
Elizabeth Taylor, one Michael Jackson, one Morgan Freeman, and one Queen

"Wow. Is it possible to, um, swap any of those out? If I wanted, say,
ten Mother Teresas?"

"I'm sure that could be arranged, sir. Do you know where we are?"

"Over there behind that Pedophile Petting Zoo, right?"

"That's exactly right, sir. Big turkey jerky sign. You can't miss us."

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