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Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 20:11:38 -0800
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[A reworking of an old post,]

Damn i like this face.

I look at the face in the mirror.  It is a good face.  Not an
extremely handsome face, nor a powerful or striking face, but a fine,
pleasant face.  A good face.  Nicely shaped nose.  Lips full, but not
overlarge.  Proportions comfortably within the Golden Mean.  

The more I look at this face, the more i like it.  It could use a few
minor alterations to bring it closer to perfection, admittely; but 
overall i can't find too much to complain about.  It's the sort of 
face you look at for a while and think, "Damn, that is a nice face, 
i wish i had one like it".  And i do.

I've only ever looked that way at individual parts of other people's 
faces, never at the entire face, and never with my own.  But
looking in the mirror at this one, i can't help but feel that this is
how i want my face.  The stitch-marks detract a bit; but since i
had the take the parts individually from other faces less perfect, i
can live with them.  They're barely noticible.  A good makeup job
 should cover them completely.

Overall, i think i've done a damn good job making this face; and all 
my hard work has really paid off.  The nose was the hardest part.
Removing the nose without damaging it took some serious effort; 
went through 4 or 5 of them before i really got the technique down.
Looking at this face i hold, i can say, without hesitation, it was
worth all the time and trouble.

Maybe one day i'll be able to get my face to look just like this, if i
can ever save enough money for the surgery.  But until then, i'll 
wear this one as long as i can; and make a new one when this 
wears out. I hope my next one is this good.

Damn i like this face.


Episkopos Hardrock Llewynyth GAC, AGSF(ret)
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