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Subject: Solidarnosc!
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Not long ago but far away
A rainy winter's day,

There was this awesome movie called, "Disturbing Behavior". It was a
horror flick, but very well done. It had very likable heroes.

This goes something like that.

"For years I had been a most vocal opponent of 'Fail To Suck Day'. I
noted that it had a very popular following in the t.b. community. I was
in my pirate mode then, with a tricorn hat and a parrot on my shoulder.
Instantaneously, I found a scapegoat to take away all of my froup
sadness. I posted false dates for FTSD, and threatened to threatened to
(the parrot) wreck it however possible. But I have seen through my lies
of the past. The UNADULTERATED orgasmic NEED to BELONG.

"In the beginning I read just once every other week. About a month
later, I was reading each Tuesday when I worked the night shift. By
halfway through that year I was printing t.b. articles and sifting sand
in the Egyptian desert through a manuscript with all the t.b ASCII
characters burned out.

"Then I found FTSD. A place where I am a player. Where I can be...

We're not talking about some trophy girl draped all over a car