From: (Bill Bill)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: zing faces
Date: 2 Dec 2000 00:05:35 -0800
Organization: wareware
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Rachel and the city were standing on the north of
the world, cold as sin.  Rachel was a hot spot,
concentrated concentration, something you never
laid eyes on before without twitching later.

Rachel lifted the layers of flaky crust up from
one another, giving them life to the plates of
waiting eaters.  Rachel had friends over.  She
was god for an hour and a handful of minutes.

Something about the bookshelves raked through
Jack's mind.  The layers of pastry were distracting,
and all his friends seemed to be wrapped in dough,
but the books were full of a thousand eyes each.

A book is worth a thousand eyes, and in the history
of the last set of paper you borrowed from a library,
every shakespeare who ever lived touched you with
at least cellular recognition. 

The problem is: you're on-screen now.  Will you
recognize the people when they walk past smiling?
Jack and Rachel are in bed.  Not sleeping, not
sexing, but something else you haven't read yet.

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