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"I can't hear the computer yet."

"Just a sec..."

Low grinding sound slowly gets louder.

"I think that's the fan."

"It don't have a fan. That's the game i was telling you about."

"What's the point of that?"

"It's a tool and die sim. You have to make tappets and swages in a small 
garage-based machine shop on the edges of an abandoned steel mill."

"So it's strategy?"

"No, there's skill involved too. You have to control the machinery with 
the mouse and if you're not precise enough your shop can have too much 
overhead from all the re-ups."

Loud cracking sound.

"Dude. I think you can smooth that off with a file."

Our eyes have evolved for survival purposes. The fact that
we can see the stars is pure accident. --Gerhard Richter