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"These look really interesting."

"Thanks. Doing these poster-type designs helped us suss out what the 
client liked and didn't like without making them feel like they had to 
commit to something."

"I like that one there."

"Mmm hmm. I'm surprised any of them voted for the one on the far right 

"Yeah. I don't really like that one either."

"I like this one. It's clean and it has a lot of energy without looking 
like a soft drink ad. And this other one got the most votes from the 

"I like that one the most, too. Did the art director do all of these?"

"He did the most of them. I did the one on the far right."

"Hey! All right! That one's pretty good!"

based on a true story
Our eyes have evolved for survival purposes. The fact that
we can see the stars is pure accident. --Gerhard Richter