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Subject: FTSD: Inter-office Memo
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 20:13:00 GMT
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Beloved colleagues:

In my examination of your pages, it appears that the prototype
for "design objects" has not altogether served as a model for your
interpretation of how the design object should be constructed. You have
successfully avoided the interpellative architectonic imperative of the
totalizing authority, and consequently can revel in the playful
jouissance of indeterminacy.

Unfortunately, despite the concession of "floating ground" serving to
destabilize the binarism vulgarly thought to stand at the base of la
logique ordinateuse, your recourse to stochastic emendation of the
source text is not altogether compatible with the mimetic requirements
of adequation.

The prototype for the "design object" is as follows:

<IMG BORDER="0" SRC="images/Field_Select.gif" STYLE="position:
absolute; left: -25; top: 0; z-index: 6; visibility: hidden" width="19"
height="19" NAME= "APBdesign02" ID="APBdesign02">

The "design object" should have its STYLE attribute of visibility set
to "hidden," and should have an ID as well as a NAME. The NAME and ID
should have the word "design" in them, in lowercase.

Without these features, the Design feature will fail to work in
scripting. The "design objects" in your files lack some or all of these
features. Please do what you can to correct them.

Sincerely, Jonathan

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