Subject:      Re: Every Day is a Parade!
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/09/26
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

In article <60eqmf$99h$>,
Lloyd Wood <> wrote:
>Sean T Barrett ( wrote:
>:  Every pixel shines bright like the sun
>:  Every photon trying hard to be seen
>:  Every post it's the same old routine.
>I need a break from the old routine
>(he needs a break from the old routine)
>there's just too much that I haven't seen
>(there's just too much that he hasn't seen)
>out the window and through the door
>I've tasted reality and I want more
>the future's bright, life becomes real
>'readlearnevolve' was such a shallow deal
>Reality. life. happiness. fun.
>photons coming right from the sun.
>t.b is limited, finite, so twee
>infinite games. played for keeps - you'll see.

Well, get out of your 'froup
You great big galoot!
If reality is what you seek

You'll not find it here
Or the 'fridge you hold dear
(and it hasn't been cleaned in a week!)

So get off your high horse
We won't miss it, of course
For the feces it leaves do so reek

And please don't come back
When your presence we lack
Don't you even come back for a peek!