Subject:      Re: Suggestions.
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/09/29
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Elspeth <> wrote:
>I've considered asking for instructions,
 Just how to make constructions
 As voluminous and impervious as yours

>but I didn't think you were serious.
 You spend so much time just to weary us
 Mao, I don't want to take up more with flame wars
>No one to date has handed me my hat.
 Nobody else complains of me singing scat

 We all just want to help, we don't _want_ you to bore!
>Sounds like fun. Who're "we"?
 The people who see
 Best to lead, not post "get out, there's the door" [1] [2]

[1] Robert Fripp, Exposure, "NY3"
[2] i.e. "to save the 'froup, post well and ignore the crap" [3]
[3] yes I'm being hypocritical... but she wouldn't be if it were her post