Subject:      Re: (noise) Request for translation
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/09/29
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Sam Bushell <> wrote:
>What does '' mean?
 I could tell you, my son, but we like you this green...

 Ah, what the hell?  You only live once:
 "de"--"Deleware", favorite state of the dunce;
 "alt" for "alliterate", consonant-prefix-rhyme;
 "sex" is "half-dozen", 6.5 if you mime;
 "fetish" lost an 'l', it should be "quite furry";
 "einspruch"--"good excuse if you get jury duty";

 Put it all together, and just what have you got?
 A few fuzzy fools faking forgotten flowerpots!