Subject:      Re: interment
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/09/30
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Lloyd Wood <> wrote:
>Finerty makes a reappearnace, and waldo is many times confused.
 Finerty is unsure of the operability of his new-fangled machine,
 so to test it, he turns the dial to "metal".  He produces a coin,
 a time-worn, bescratched nickel, and sets it down on the floor
 before the reappearnace.

 Waldo looks puzzled.

 Finerty slides the machine forward until it sits atop the coin.

 Waldo gasps.  "It's gone!  Where is the coin?"

 "Fear not, my friend," replies Finerty.  "I'll just activate
 the reappearnace, and... well, you'll see."

 Finerty presses the prominently labeled button (labeled, quite
 prominently, "activate").

 Waldo shakes his head.  "Nothing happened!"

 "Oh yes, something did, my boy.  Look inside!"

 Waldo carefully, gently, pulls open the frayed cardboard flaps
 on the top of the reappearnace, and then, when the box is open,
 looks over the top.

 "There it is!  You made it reappear!"

 "Indeed," says Finerty, sounding not in the least surprised.
 "You can take it out."  As Waldo executes the suggestion,
 Finerty turns the dial to "stone".

 This time, a rock from the back yard goes under the machine.

 "Where's the rock?" asks Waldo.

 "To tell the truth, I do not quite understand where things go.
 But the reappearnace reaches out to that some dimension,
 and brings them back."

 Moments later, the rock is returned to them.

 "Now it's time for you to earn your pay," asserts Finerty.
 He turns the dial to the setting 'Waldo'.  Waldo looks
 pleased to see his own name commemorated on such a
 fabulous device.

 With some effort, the two of them manage to place the
 box on top of him.

 Once again, he gasps.

 "Where's Waldo?"