Subject:      Re: Suggestions.
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/10/03
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

[apologies to Lewis Carroll]

Lloyd Wood <> wrote:

 ...hearing a sound, jj looks out the window...
 "What is it?  Do you see Someone there?" asked kludge.
 "No, I don't see anyone," replied jj.
 "You don't see Anyone? How can you not see Someone?"
 "Because there isn't anyone to see."
 "Ok, ok. Is there a particular reason to mention Anyone?"
 "Of course not.  I didn't mention anyone in particular, did I?"
 "Uh, well... ok, I can play along.  Right, you never mentioned Anyone."

 ...meanwhile, in the front yard...

 "It must be Someone's turn to play," considered N.
 "Nobody is right.  Someone, go ahead," suggested A.
 "Give me a second.  Nobody plays slower than me," commented S.
 "Anyone would be a fool to believe that," swore N.
 "Don't worry, it's obvious Someone is lying," observed A.
 "Ok, ok, there.  Now it's Anyone's turn," advised S.
 Anyone considered: a good hand is likely to be a winner

  ...just then, a cave newt approached...

 "Hello there, child.  I'm Nobody!  Who are you?" queried N.
 "Uh, I'm A. Newbie.  You must be _someone_," came the reply.
 "No, that would be me.  You've heard of me before?" asked S.
 "Uh, no, I didn't say I'd heard of anyone."
 "Just a moment, just a moment, I'm thinking," muttered A.
 "So, it's just "a newbie"?  That seems a bit impersonal," wondered N.
 "Well, it stands for 'Agoot Newbie', but I prefer the short form."
 "Of course.  Nobody said we should pick whatever name we liked," answered S.
 "Well, screw you.  I did."
 "There, done.  I've played.  It's Nobody's turn," said A.
 "So is the game over?  Can I play?"
>Anyone considered a good newbie is likely to be a moron.