Re: Clouds. (Was Re: CRY TOMORRY)

From            (Sean T Barrett)
Organization   The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Date           Sun, 5 Oct 1997 01:51:10 GMT
Newsgroups     talk.bizarre
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Lloyd Wood wrote:
>Try reading them sometime
 Or bleeding on the ground
 When feeling most sublime
 Try kneeling at the sound
 Of bawling from some mime
 Who's calling for a hound
 We break him in his prime
 And take him to the pound

 Try crushing them somehow
 Or brushing them for dope
 When hanging with the cow
 No banging this here pope
 The singing take home now
 Ears ringing we must cope
 Who loses takes their bow
 And bruises from the rope

 Try breaking them someday
 Or shaking through a dawn
 Try grating them for play
 Or hating when we're gone
 Try weighing them as clay
 Or playing with your pawn
 Try reading them some way
 Not feeding out your yawn

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