Subject:      Re: Sunday.
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/10/06
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Lloyd Wood <> wrote:
>Let's make work for buzzard which he'll rue.

"Let's talk about the moron who hadn't a clue"

There once was a fellow named Wood               (so he shouts it)
Whose habit none quite understood.               (think about it)
He lived like a monk;
He liked posting junk--
Well, maybe he thought it was good.              (but I doubt it)

A thought struck a chap named ValSean            (he's the hero!)
"I'll spin gold out of crap--they'll all fawn;   (ones from zero!)
With luck it'll cure him--
Without, he'll post more--then
'Twould be better to see my 'pal' gone!          (not his peers, though)

What to do if my new plan backfires?             (has he wrecked it?)
Pull his teeth with a pair of slack pliers?      (they're infected?)
Does he write with his mouth? no!
Best he moved to the south pole--
For nobody posts who lacks wires.                (disconnected)

Far too silly, although it sounds great.         (heaven's voice sings)
I had best try acquiring this trait:             (not a choice Ming?)
To prevent any doubt
It's not Lloyd helping out
I had better not follow-up bait."                (much rejoicing)

after this time