Subject:      Re: Book
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/10/06
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Rohan Hawthorne <> wrote:
>Is it on the net ?
 Does it need a vet ?
 You must tell me this right now!

 Does it rhyme with youth?
 Is it on the roof?
 You must tell me if and how!

 Can it eat a rock?
 Live inside my sock?
 I must know the truth of it!

 Will it come for tea?
 Might it cop a plea?
 You must tell me every bit!

 Could it break a spell?
 Sound just like a bell?
 I am running out of wit.

  There is much more, I am certain,
  To this secret you have curtained;
  Do you have any suggestions?
  I can't think of twenty questions.
 Has it got a wife?
 Smaller than a knife?
 You must give me some advice!

 Does it smell like glue?
 Live inside my shoe?
 Oops, I've asked that one now twice.

  I am tired of this game;
  It all sounds to me the same.
  I don't care for what that man says;
  I shall use up all my chances.
 Might it be a kite?
 Is it just the night?
 You must help to clue me in!

 Could it be your ring?
 Once and future king?
 You must answer, do not grin!
 Is it some bird's call?
 The broom in the hall?
 What do you mean I win?

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