Subject:      Re: webtv
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/10/08
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Kevin "Cujo" Fries <> wrote:
 Live and die; have a ball.
>That about says it all.
 If you want to cry
 Whatever you try--
 Maybe someday you'll feel better.

 Use your phone; make a call.
>That about says it all.
 If you feel alone,
 Talk to people you've known--
 Better than writing a letter.

 There goes spring; here comes fall.
>That about says it all.
 If you don't want to sing
 And you hate everything--
 Winter comes--that will be worse.

 "Meat is yum"? Oh, the gall.
>That about says it all.
 Our catechism:
 Nothing could be quite that terse.

 Wait out there--in the hall.
>That about says it all.
 Your clothes are dripping;
 You should be stripping--
 You'll ruin my new furniture.

 Need to shop? Try the mall.
>That about says it all.
 Got a date for the hop?
 You want a new mop?
 No Christmas crowds (yet) to endure.

 Just sit down. You're too tall.
>That about says it all.
 I don't like you to tower;
 It gives too much power--
 Why must I end up with King Kongs?

 Have a Tab.  Watch "The Wall".
>That about says it all.
 Just watch the cartoons
 (Yes, those guys were loons)
 At least, you'll admit, there's fun songs

 Have a rule or two; they're small:
 Play nice, and please don't brawl.
 Never make fun of my drawl.
>That about says it all.

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