Subject:      Re: Had I Only Warmed My Feet
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/10/09
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Kevin W. Mc Auley <> wrote:
 <Frankly, Dr. Zimcogin, you were humanity's last chance.>

 Well, well... I've been trying to do my best.

 <We tried the low-impact, high-energy shields, Doctor.  They didn't>
 <do a thing to stop the aliens.  They just didn't work.>

 Yes, yes, I know.  If you weren't always calling me on this
 radio all the time.  It's so distracting.  I never get
 to finish anything properly.

 <There was the grazeem narwash emulator.>

 Ah, yes.  That was one of my favorites.

 <It didn't work.>

 Yes, well, it lacked something.  I told you at the time.
 If I had finished it, it might well have saved the day,
 but, alas, it just lacked that something.

 <Yes, the mysterious missing part.  What exactly was missing?>

 Why, the most important part, of course.

 <And why was it missing?>

 Well, because I didn't have one to use, of course.

 <And why didn't you make one?>

 I couldn't make one.  I didn't know how to make one.
 I don't even know what it looked like.  Of course.


 <And how about the mesonic defribulator, Doctor?  Another failure.>

 That was not my fault.  It was... very complex... to operate.
 I imagine your people just didn't do it right.

 <Doctor, I watched them standing in the tubs of Jell-O as they>
 <manned the controls.  Your every order was carried out.>

 Hmm... Jell-O... that makes me think.

 <What is it, Doctor?  Do you have an idea?>

 Yes, yes.  An idea.  Do you know where all my Jell-O went?

 <I believe so, Doctor.  I believe we have it all here.>
 <Is there something we can do with it?  You have a plan?>

 Well, not exactly...  It's all there, hmm...

 Now, think, think, how do you make it?  You need...
 hmm... yes... hmm... 

 No.  Darn.  So close.

 <What's the problem?  The fate of the planet rests on>
 <your shoulders today, Doctor.>

 Well, actually, I've just got the munchies...
 A bit of Jell-O would be perfect...
>... but alas, i seem to be lacking something.

I don't like this one very much, so I delayed posting it a while.
But I wasted time writing it, so it seems a waste not to, so now I waste yours.