Subject:      Re: Rough Morning.
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/10/09
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

jj <> wrote:
        Crocodile Three
        Was sitting by a tree
        When along came Alligator pi.
        <I was just about to nap>,
        The crocodile snapped.
        <So now what?>, he asked with a sigh.

        =I wondered if you knew,=
        Said the alligator to
        His supposed friend Crocodile Three,
        =I've got this ugly mark...=
        <It's from rubbing tree bark>
        <I told you it'd make it bad to see.>

        The next day he got this prize...
        Does it come as a surprise:
>===>   Aligator Pie right before bed again ?
        "Is this bark ok to chew?"
>	<You know what it does to you >
        <You'll get silly and the other's you'll offend.>

        Crocodile Three
        Still sitting by the tree
        Knew why Pi was such a smashing fool
        "All my limbs I've got,"
        The crocodile thought--
        "I'm whole and he's irrational."

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