Re: I love ___.

From            (Sean T Barrett)
Organization   The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Date           Wed, 8 Oct 1997 07:23:06 GMT
Newsgroups     talk.bizarre
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In article <>, Sean  <> wrote:
>I do. I really do.
 I look just like a zoo!
 Cat fur on my chin;
 Zebra stripes on my skin;
 No hippo's this thin--
 I have a pig's nose too.

 I try.  I really try.
 I want these eggs to fry.
 They're there in the pan--
 Heat's high as it can--
 I don't understand;
 They sit there, round and dry.

 I wish.  I really wish.
 I want the biggest fish--
 One fetched from the stream
 I saw in my dream,
 And covered with cream--
 Then serve it on this dish.

 I am.  I really am:
 A crook who's on the lam.
 I offered to sell
 A tonic to quell
 The hair that all fell--
 But it was just a sham.
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