Subject:      Re: Question
From: (Sean T Barrett)
Date:         1997/10/14
Message-Id:   <>
Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre

Mike Doyle <> wrote:
>What is this NewsGroup for?

 Jumping, and bouncing,
  and slamming the door!
 Hiding, and pouncing,
  and robbing the poor!
 Decanting, and lazing,
  and finding a cure!
 Destroying, and razing,
  again 'til we'll sure!
 What else is this NewsGroup for?

 Snooping, and sneezing,
  and snoring a snore!
 Coughing, and wheezing,
  and sneezing some more!
 Munching, and chomping,
  and eating the core!
 Stamping, and clomping,
  and winning the war!
 Kicking, and choking,
  until you are sore!
 Tickling, and joking,
  and making them roar!
 Leaving, and staying,
  and sleeping on floors!
 Burning, and flaying,
  we sure like our gore!

 No, what's this Group really for?

 Posting, and posting,
  and being a bore!
 Grinning and boasting
  of what's been endured!

 Flaming, and broiling,
  to remove what's impure!
 Hinting and spoiling
  whatever's in store!

 Trolling, or baiting,
  or laying a lure!
 Informing and stating
  when someone's no more!

 Lusting, and yearning,
  showing what you adore!
 Lurking and learning
  just whom to ignore!

 Cross-posting, inciting,
  more noise to ensure!
 Thinking and writing--
  two things we abhor.

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