Re: Are Ernie and Bert.. GAY!??

From            (Sean T Barrett)
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Date           Fri, 17 Oct 1997 05:49:14 GMT
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[ripping off someone else's series of failed comedians]

Syzlye  <> wrote:
   Hi there, folks...  I've been flying all around the country lately...
   And boy am I tired... of that airline food.
   Ha ha.

   You probably know what I mean.  The best thing I can say about it
   is it's sterile and tasteless...  And that's just the packaging...
   Err, the effects of the packaging.  Or something.
   Ha ha.

   You know how in an airplane, you've got like 3 seats in a row,
   there are 4 armrests?  It's like, "Hello, 3 people, 2 arms each..."
   Well, actually, on my last flight, there was just two of us, and
   the other guy only had one arm.  Umm, is that tasteless?  Well,
   it's true... just like that food.
   Ha ha.

   So I was on the airplane and I started talking to the guy.
   It turned out he was a puppeteer, you know what I mean.  A
   guy who _still_ plays with dolls... and gets paid for it.
   Ha ha.

   He was telling me a bit about his show, and it turned out he
   did a lot of slapstick, funny stuff, you know?  I said, "Hey,
   I'm a comedian.  We make people laugh."  Umm.  Well, I try to.
   Ha ha.

   Anyhow, he said it involves lots of, you know, puppets beating
   each up and stuff.  I was wondering how he competed with TV.
   I guess he's on at a different time or something.
   Ha ha.

   "So, you must have two puppets at once if they're beating
   each other up," I said.  He agreed.  "But, well, I don't mean
   to be rude, but you only have one hand."  He agreed.  "Well,
>  how do you put two puppets on one hand? 
   Ha ha."  I don't think he got the joke.  Did you know you can
   still beat someone up if you've only got one arm?