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I wish I could really do this
birds of a feather

as sprawling spiders take me home
a knife-edged life that ever passed
the clawing climbers clutch my bones
my tale may fail before the last

a broken sparrow voiced its art
a song along came warbling
this spoken arrow touched my heart
i felt it dealt with everything

distress disturbed its every note
i feared to near its lonely nest
distrust deserved, i oughtta note
and yet i bet it's for the best

old-fashioned pillows made a home
for fair sweet sparrow to get well
impassioned fellows sent from Rome
gave nice advice for skipping Hell

how healing hunters long to fly
to dare in air what they have lost
while wheeling wonders through the sky
makes their repair well worth the cost

now knowing nothing of this case
you may well say you've guessed my mind
if sowing something in that place:
i'd grieve to leave my bird behind?

no wealth is wanting on my part
when dares my sparrow take to wing
no healthless haunting of my heart
"so long" the song i'll hear it sing

so, sprawling spiders: take me home
this knife-edged life has ever passed
may clawing climbers clutch my bones
my tale grows staler ever fast

                 -- buzzard, 1998, revised 2002



top women sleep by sea gone sad
swim or soar
only they may use their suit
if language said men were essential, woman would say less

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