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April 28, 2000: we made it down to new york


Ok, let's bring you up to speed:

I just recently stopped dating the woman I had been dating since December. Although most of the decision to stop came from her, I have to admit that I had been concerned for a while over the fact that there weren't enough things we enjoyed doing together. For once I found a woman with whom I had a fair amount of stuff in common; but unfortunately, it was mostly stuff that didn't lend itself to activities, or stuff that mostly lent itself to solitary activities. (As I believe I mentioned, she was the first introvert I'd ever dated.)

I'm still working for Looking Glass, despite a number of upheavels. Each upheavel is making me more and more uncomfortable, unfortunately. But I don't see any reason I can't stick through it.

I went to New York City for the first time in the beginning of March. I wasn't particularly impressed. It was just like other cities I've seen, except it was bigger. Big enough to seem essentially endless, which is pretty bad for the negative sides of the cities, and didn't seem like much of a positive thing. (Of course, with that size and density of population, it provides an opportunity for more variety of cultural things--e.g. art--and if I were more into that stuff, the benefits might be worth it.)

But mainly it just grossed me out. I couldn't imagine living there. There was so much ugliness and dirtiness. I had trouble imagining how the positives could outweigh the negatives so immensely.

The larger cities I've been to, more than just being in the airport while passing through, and discounting anything before I was 18:

When I wrote down that list, I was rather surprised by how many there were--although some of them were pretty cursory examinations. I'm not a big fan of travel as vacation (another point of contention with the woman I was dating--and the reason I went to New York in the first place), since, of course, I'm not really experiences-oriented; those have just shaken out over time as I've visited people and done various activities (almost all social-oriented, though).

I've never been impressed by cities--cities don't generally make me want to jump out and go live there--but I've never generally been scared off by them. I really felt like New York City was just too much.


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