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June 2, 2000: they all remain as memories inside


Take two, after I typed 'del *.*' in the wrong directory.

I've been cleaning/picking-up my room pretty intensely. I did a bunch on Monday and Tuesday, and made massive progress today. I was looking at all this stuff in my room and realizing I didn't have enough furniture (shelves, dressers, etc.) to store it all. So I've been actually going through throwing things out, collating, and what not.

I was going through sorting out papers somewhat, because I have a bunch of old unopened mail, so I at least sorted those things into categories and put them in my "records" folders, so that I can tell what's important and what's not and eventually get around to them. While doing this, I found some souvenirs, letters, and addresses of people, and realized how many people I've left behind and lost contact with. I felt really sad, and I thought to myself, "I should make a note to myself to write a song about this."

Then I remembered I already had written such a song, a long time ago.

It's not a song I'm very satisfied with; I like the instrumental bits, but the lyrics are a bit forced, and I really didn't spend anywhere near enough time on the melody and chords for the vocal parts.

I decided, given my melancholy feeling, to play the song. I had to dig up the lyrics--I had them written down in a file on my computer; the lyrics are dated as having been written in 1991, before I moved to Texas, before I started leaving people behind.

I've also never recorded it, so I decided to rectify that, and put it here, in this journal entry. This is a recording of me playing it live, with a single microphone picking up both vocals and guitar.

It's a lousy recording of it. However, the guitar part is so hard that I was getting worse at it every time, as my hand started to ache and lose the muscular control needed to finger the awkward chords. At the same time, I didn't really know the lyrics well enough, but since more practice at it was just going to make the guitar get worse, well, sorry, but you get this lousy take of a not-so-awesome song, but you can see what the lyrics and chords are supposed to be below. And did I mention that I hate singing?

The better-quality version of it is this MP3, which is too big to stream at 56K. On the other hand, the lower-quality Real Audio file can be streamed or just downloaded.

Some of them still write to me although they're far away
Some of them just live next door but have nothing to say
Some of them I left behind, some are here today
Some of them have lost control, others gone astray
Some of them have loved with me and some of them have cried
Some of them have turned to stone, some of them have died
They all remain as memories inside

Some of them are travellers to far-off foreign lands
Some of them had hopes that are now just long forgotten plans
Some of them are on the field, some are in the stands
Some of them have taken charge, some have washed their hands
Some of them still write to me, some have never tried
Some no longer know my name, some just try to hide
They all remain as memories inside

   (capo up 2 frets; this is notated a whole-step flat)

   Instrumental section:
      x34002, x24002
      x79007, x69007, x59007, x02440
      0240xx, 3240xx, 5540xx, 2040xx
   Vocal section:
      x79007, x69007, x59007, x02440
      0240xx, 3240xx, 5540xx, 2040xx

It's capo'd up two frets not because of the vocal range, but because it makes the chords a little easier to finger. I'm playing it on a classical guitar, which has a wider neck as well.

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