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August 3, 2000: as silence drowns the screams


I was intending to write another LG-breakup entry, about what it was like to experience it from the inside, but I find myself without anything interesting to say on the subject.

A friend and ex-coworker of mine has been working on putting together a startup doing an online game in New York City. I was interested (despite the fact that it was NYC), but now the situation of the publisher they were nearly contracted with has changed, and the new game plan doesn't interest me as much.

At the same time, I've been playing the old 1992 PC game Ultima Underworld, which was LG's first game. There was an object corruption version in the original game for which they released a patch; I own the "classic" rerelease with both Underworld 1 and Underworld 2; however, in typical Origin fashion, it doesn't include the patch, and I actually got bit by the bug.

I managed to finish it, though.

Anyway, to pass the time, I started writing an Underworld-style renderer (I guess it's really a System Shock-style renderer, or perhaps, in this day and age, a Tomb Raider-style renderer). I then made an editor for creating levels for the renderer. Then I downloaded a bunch of free textures off the web (intended for people to use for making mods to existing games, but some of them are totally free, with no usage restrictions). Then I added hacked objects, and I've been working on hacked physics, as well as writing out story, building a level, and writing conversation scripts for that level.

So it looks like it could turn into a shareware game. I'm not promising anything, since I don't actually see that many projects through.

This is the editor I've written for building levels (click for a full-size view, 1600x1200, 240K):

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