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August 12, 2000: i wish you'd write another happy song


My birthday was a week ago.

For my birthday this year I bought a dedicated hard-disk multitrack recorder. I have about twelve songs in progress on it--during the day when nobody else is around I'd record the drums to as many songs as possible, then work on guitar and bass recording any time of the day or night.

Here's the song that's the most polished right now, although it's not perfect: this mix isn't ideal, I still want to record another 8 or 10 takes of the lead vocal, and there are a couple mistakes in the drums so I need to redo those too. (One of the limitations with working with the 4-track was I always had to compromise and accept a take that wasn't the best, because I had to record the new one over the old one, so I'd stop when I was afraid I'd never do at least as well. With the digital system, I can just keep recording takes and then later go back and pick the best--or even cut and paste between the different versions.)

Tin Cans (3M mp3)

Yes, all digital and there's still a ton of low-level white noise as if it were a tape. It's time for me to get a new guitar effects box, I guess.

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